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Where to play bingo online

Bingo is growing in popularity and the growth of online bingo sites and players is phenomenal.

A great form of gambling on the internet is online bingo. There are many sites to choose from and you can play a variety of games styles.

Bingo is probably the most simple game to play online. There is no skill involved... just luck.

It is a lotto style game involving numbers. Unlike lotto and keno style games (where you choose your numbers) bingo is different... the number are chosen for you. You are given a bingo card with the numbers on it and then you just sit back and relax.

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You don't even need to mark your matching number off... the bingo site will do that automatically for you. That way you will never miss a jackpot.

Bingo, along with the many varieties of "Lotto" is probably the oldest game in the world, and possibly the easiest game to play. Here I will describe the UK Bingo Game which is a 90 ball bingo.

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There are 90 balls each with a unique number from 1 to 90. These are placed in a "hopper" or "bingo machine". There are bingo cards, each card has 27 squares set up in 9 columns and 3 rows. Within 15 of these squares there is a number between 1 and 90 (the 1st column will have numbers between 1 and 10, the 2nd column has numbers between 11 and 20, and so on). Six bingo cards is a full sheet that contains 162 boxes and all numbers between 1 and 90.

You buy a bingo card and the game begins. Bingo balls are drawn at random from the bingo hopper and displayed/called out. If that number is on your bingo card(s) you mark it. Bingo balls continue to be drawn at random from the cage until someone has marked off all the numbers on a single bingo card. At this time the lucky winner will call out "HOUSE" and the game is over. The winner will collect the specified amount which is usually the total amout taken from bingo card sales minus a small deduction for the bingo house.

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DISCLAIMER: Online Wagering is illegal in some Jurisdictions. It is your responsibility to check your local regulations before playing online. We takes no responsibility for your actions. Gambling can be addictive. Please play Responsibly.

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